History and inspiration

Shamliza (“Samlica”), and the stool, represent the smallest piece of furniture, which has been used for centuries in almost all households throughout the Balkans. Its simplicity, but also solidity in craftsmanship, enabled technical strength and durability of this stool. It is very practical – one can sit on it, additionally it is used as a helpful tool in the form of a stepping staircase, outdoor piece and like the stool, is a favorite children piece of furniture.

Since it is made entirely of solid wood, it is passed on from generation to generation as a gift and as a piece of heritage, which is confirmed by some specimens aged 100 years and more. In addition to simple forms and practical purposes, it has an artistic value, sometimes expressed in unusual forms, perforations, curved surfaces and/or pictorial decoration.

SHAMLIZA showroom has launched a unique concept and its activity focuses towords promotion and sale of high quality furniture made of solid wood and metal. Simple lines and practical purpose products are crafted exclusively by domestic designers and architects. However, Shamliza additionally also encompasses a wide range of lighting products and accessories.

Our task is to constantly monitor the market and to provide a first-class sales exhibition platform and a recognizable brand.

We strive for integrity through business sincerity, build respect and accountability towards our clients, as well as towards our partners.

Shamliza retail-oriented concept showcases and sells furniture, designer products, that are characterized towards a unique and specific lifestyle.

In addition of the modern designer furniture and lighting products, the offer of our authentic showroom also contemplates handpicked redesigned furniture, coming from the period of the 50s, 60s and 70s.Our craftsmanship promotes value of creative recycling of selected furniture pieces that were in most cases condemned to oblivion and rejection, due to age or damage.

With careful diligent work and creative interactions, the old-new glow returns to our carefully selected pieces, but in the field of contemporary artistic expression.

SHAMLIZA also represents a small art gallery in which the selected local artists exhibit and sell their work: art items, paintings, graphics and ceramics.

SHAMLIZA showroom opened its doors to all lovers of quality (re) designed furniture and lighting products, beginning of May 2014.

With the represent a pleasant interior in the spirit of urban design, offering a unique sense of cultural significance and affection, which also inspire our customers to visit us again and enjoy the specific ambiance. From our showroom one can overlook a wide view of the Sava river harbor that has gained significance recently after a long-lasting neglected location and position, but recently gaining popularity over the past couple of years, developing into a new attractive urban Belgrade and Vienna location.

We work with passion and professionalism, but above all because it’s fun.

Shamliza offers an uncommon but unique model and an original approach to furnishing space by showcasing designer furniture pieces. We are presenting the best domestic designers and our colection of products provide a direct insight into a special lifestyle that inspires every visitor or customer to have a new and positive way of thinking about a living area.

Through our brands, our collection contributes to tradition and constant innovation of design, which create one special and always new atmosphere, modern environment in the field of furniture and interior furnishing.