Afterparty: Belgrade Furniture Fair 2018

modern high-quality furniture beograd furniture fair 2018 shamliza

The gathering of Modern and high-quality Furniture

It happened! At the Belgrade furniture fair, now there are some new candidates for modern high-quality furniture on the domestic and foreign markets have been preserved. Business cards, brochures and catalogs were haded out, new contracts were signed and cheered up. Successful business cooperations according to the Serbian custom were followed by a glass of wine or Slivovitz. In one word a huge energy was present at this year’s Furniture Fair in Belgrade. It was a good opportunity that our homes could be enriched with some quality pieces of furniture made of solid wood and modern design at quite affordable prices. That is, as we say, a chance to buy discounted furniture.

Among those who deserve mentioning are certainly awarded designers/brands, however, other brands and designers appeared in record numbers and they should not be excluded. The highlight of this year’s fair is the increasing presence of the modernized furniture. A special emphasis was positioned on interior design and innovative pieces of furniture. Thanks to modern redesigned old furniture and new directions in the furniture industry, we are moving forward. We slowly manage to get rid of boring armchairs, beds, chests and other pieces that have been repeated for over a quarter of a century.

We must admit after insight into new modern high-quality furniture models, and some old ones, that the main feature of this year’s fair is amazing. Presentations of design innovations and presentation of product assortments, with the tendency of expanding the furniture program was for all an overwhelming experience. What was demonstrated at the fair, is a modern and urban style, which was reduced by the pretension of minimalism and mild pastel colors. Of course, we must admit that this is above all the influence of the current worldwide and European trends. But again, bravo to us for making it happen.

One should not forget the hall where the machines were located, a special section for machine and tool enthusiasts. It’s really a special possibility to have the opportunity to see everything in one place and compare new and upcoming technologies. According to the old Serbian custom saying, we would have to add that “without tools there is no craftsmanship”. All these works of art in the field of furniture and production are created from ideas and drawings and in the later phase to be materialized into a product, with the help of technology.

Shamliza as always, will continue to keep up with trends and innovations, along with a carefully chosen line of furniture products, we will present exactly those specific and interesting pieces of furniture. We always have to strive for the more prosperous and better future in terms of innovation functionality, design and conformism. So, we strive to promote and sell furniture not only the local Serbian market but also foreign markets, which we already present in a specific way.