Create inspirational spaces with Shamliza

Talented people are on the move – they can work wherever they choose! They want to invite to into easy going, unique and comfortable spaces. Design studio and collection Shamliza helps you manage inspirational environments where people feel special, original, and strong. Our collection of furniture brings life in the spaces that people use, taking them into new dimensions and encouraging them to be creative. For these reasons, we are uniquely inspired to equip and provide a service of various and unusual design solutions and equipping, thereby improving your space and life.

Since 2017, Shamliza offers a complete service of designing and furnishing of various interiors like residential units, business premises, HoReCa facilities and special purpose premises.

Our and prospective clients can always contact us and arrange a meeting with our team of architects and designers and receive original solutions for any interiors as well as expert advice for furniture, accessories and lighting products that can ameliorate new or existing interiors. Contemporary design studio, furniture and collection Shamliza helps you plan your environment, suggests and envisages conceptual areas, to present efficient and fantastic ideas for furnishing, that are an everyday value to life.

Explore our collection, our suggestions and our service to create inspirational ideas from many progressive spatial configurations that we will suggest and offer, to make you feel content.

shamliza interior design support restaurant plato table chair lamp

PLATO Restaurant

Decorate your space as a PLATO Restaurant At this place, once the most popular bookstore in Belgrade, the restaurant Plato was opened in 2017 and reconstructed. The surrounding environment is a mixture of modern and historical ...

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shamliza interior design snap restaurant

SNAP Restaurant

Snap restaurant and Shamliza As we have announced, we are displaying the photos of the restaurant SNAP (Francuska 12, Belgrade), which is equipped with furniture from our salon. These are PUFNICE cupboards and HEX bar stools. T...

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