Redesigned furniture (“rescuing furniture”) is a separate segment that Showroom Shamliza offers. Pieces of furniture, that are more than 40 years old, are carefully treated wood, coated with highest quality products, afterwards carefully restyled with best selected fabrics/ materials or leather. This method returns the furniture to a deserved glow, but then again in a new artistic and contemporary expression.

The offer of redesigned furniture mainly consists of various models of armchairs from the period and furniture trends from the 50ties ‘till the 70ties, from Socialist Yugoslavia and even the pre-W.War II.

Optionally, clients are able to re-design and coffee tables, commodes, cabinets, desks and chairs that complementary. We have a special offer for all customers who own pieces of old furniture but with artistic quality, in this case Shamliza (re) Design Studio can offer redesign and restoration at affordable prices.