Who says that art and money are incompatible?

Between Art and Entrepreneurship with unique furniture

Young art historian Marko Stojanovic created a very unusual gallery with unique furniture. He promotes and sells works of Serbian designers. In Kararadjorjeva Street 11 there are unique pieces of furniture of special character in Shamliza Showroom.

The idea of creating a conceptual sales point was born five years ago. Surrounded by artists and creators, I could see the problems they face every day. Especially when they want to market their work and present it on the market. That’s how the salon “Shamliza” was created, in which the work of young, talented designers would be united “, says Marko Stojanovic, for

The concept has brought together about twenty domestic brands of the similar sensibility. There products have a certain standard and quality. Chests, tables, chairs, armchairs and lamps that we represent in Shamliza Showroom are predominantly made of walnut and oak wood. Among the newly-built furniture of modern forms, there are pieces of redesigned furniture. Marko’s workshop gives this type of furniture a new chance for re-use in interior design.

Thanks to this idea of the exhibition and sales space, designers have been given the opportunity to present their works. It also gives them the opportunity to have unique furniture that creates an enamored one’s living space. Through sales interaction with customers, artists have upgraded their products and productions. So some of them now have distinctive and developed brands,” said Marko.

With the increased scope of work of all designers, Marko prepares a larger exhibition space, in which will be found some new, interesting and carefully selected brands.

Our first shop in Karađorđeva will not be closed, it still remains as the first symbol of recognizability of our idea and quality of Serbian design. But the new space will show that art and creativity can be integrated into entrepreneurship. That is a very successful thing.