His Majesty – Wood

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Wood as the main seal of the interior

Wood is one of the most precious materials in furniture manufacturing after the many years of experience from our designers/brands. Implementation of wooden elements in the interior is a safe and elegant way to have a more pleasant and natural space. That’s why Shamliza Studio selects, uses and allocates primarily natural materials and offers a wide range of wooden furniture. Due to the quality of its design and unique appearance, the wood furniture attracts an increasing number of clients with refined and modern sense of taste.

Contemporary interiors, regardless of their stylistic tendencies, are always a special challenge. Without a thoughtful organization of furniture and interior details, the impression can become impersonal and emotionless. On the other hand, if one implements too many distinct elements into an interior, it can become aggressive and functionally impassable. So, the solution is in the balance, but also the selection of quality multifunctional materials where wood becomes an imperative factor.

For this reason, wood has become one of the favorite materials for interior design. With all the benefits that this material provides, it is extremely important the feeling that it provides. Objects coated with wood or decorated with numerous wooden elements generally seem more comfortable than those of “generic” variants. In addition, they perfectly align with almost all surfaces that can be imagined in residential interior design elements.

The urban spaces we support in interior design, correspond to this description and our philosophy. With our suggestions and specific design solutions, we promote wood as the leading element of furniture and as a material for the coating of other surfaces of interiors, also visible in the popular industrial style, where wood added a sophistication note. This natural material must not be used exclusively as a frame, it actually connects the interior and exterior spaces. Massive wood is certainly an astonishment, but it still fits perfectly with furniture fabric and different materials. This combination is precisely the condition of comfort in all areas of furniture design.

In cases where the exterior of an object should reflect its interior, the tree is a completely logical and natural choice. Namely, if wooden elements are used in the interior design, their displacement to the outer space is a simple solution.

Each of the brands we represent have in mind when working on a design or a redesign of some piece of furniture, that wood is indigenous. Therefore, it requires special attention in order to achieve maximum functionality and originality, to the smallest detail. In a word, our designers think about everything.