„Artisan breads“ bakery

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Combination of modern and tasty

Amongst many bakeries opened in Belgrade, a bakery with a special flavor was opened some time ago. „Artisan breads“ bakery offers to its customer’s various types of pastry produced from domestic flour types without harmful chemical additives.

As their product offer is unique, the owners have decided that the interior should also be arranged according to a similar principle.

The flour from which the cakes are made of forms domestic production, so the furniture had to be of the same origin and same principal.

The owners have chosen to enrich the interior with simple lines of retro and industrial style, which at the same time would be functional, and on the other hand unobtrusive, compared to the primary field of this bakery which is pastries.

In order to achieve this harmony, the interior is equipped with simple industrial bar stools made of steel and plywood, while the dining room, on the upper floor, is equipped with redesigned armchairs, made in pastel-style furniture. Armchairs are of different models, thus breaking the monotony and additionally enriching the space.