PLATO Restaurant

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Decorate your space as a PLATO Restaurant

At this place, once the most popular bookstore in Belgrade, the restaurant Plato was opened in 2017 and reconstructed. The surrounding environment is a mixture of modern and historical architecture which has influenced the concept of the interior of the restaurant itself.

The author of the interior has paid attention to fitting the parts and took care of the concept highlighting the important details. It was decided that in addition to having a central detail form of a placing a massive mirror above the bar leaving the impression of certain pieces of individual furniture.

The investor selected a combination of contemporary and retro ambiance, so the furniture style had to follow this concept with our support. In addition to the simple chairs and tables of minimalistic lines in the lower zone of the restaurant, the main emphasis is on our redesigned armchairs from the 50’s and 60’s, which are positioned on the gallery. The nuance of wooden elements is carefully integrated with the patterns of the furniture so that the impression of the retro-modern spirit is fulfilled. Despite some of the characteristic details of lighting, according to the guests, our redesigned armchairs slowly become recognizable motifs of Plato’s restaurant.