Introduction to the basics

opremanje prostora uvod u osnove

No rush when the furnishing interiors is in question


“A home should tell your story, what we live with, says something about us!“ Nate Berkus

Furnishing, without a doubt requires a lot of dedication and attention. But the final look of a home cannot be obtained without a real piece of furniture. It improves the overall comfort and gives it a spectacular end look.

Most people buy furniture without giving importance to the pieces themselves, so there is dissimilarity in the overall appearance of the home. Because of this, it often happens that the furnishing ends up as a combination of several different styles and not a satisfactory end result.

Whether or not you perceive more or less importance to furniture in terms of time analyzing and space design, we advise you to let the professionals do it for you. Architects and interior designers have a special feeling when it comes to furnishing and their experience outlines the following four facts:

Furniture makes your home a perfect home

Irrespective of the size of your home, even if you live in a small place, a quality piece of furniture will completely turn around the look of your home.

The furniture defines the look

We need to be aware that furniture is the only thing that can give your home a look that you really want. Choosing the right piece of furniture and choosing where you will place it will give you a number of combinations that can completely turn your home around, defining it form a different angle.

For example, the appearance of coffee table should be fashionable or unusual because it adds an exciting and pleasant note to your home. Choose handmade tables with strange contours, shapes, and you will have something that will make your space at a glance more original and interesting. When you choose an armchair, make sure the color of the armchair is in contrast with the color of the walls.

The furniture provides individuality

Without having to comply with the rules of the interior design and going through the layout of the space, your home defines Yourself. Consciously or unconsciously, the furniture you choose will represent the reflection of your personality.


The furniture gives impression

What is the first thing your guest receives when he enters in your home? Of course, this is the look and design of your home. By doing so, the way your home is furnished causes a reaction. Its not about luxury ,but is mostly about expressions of beauty and the combination of certain pieces of furniture with the rest of the space.

Furniture is not just a product that provides comfort – a thing to enjoy.

These specific interesting pieces of furniture can make your home complete, define its appearance and individuality, and sometimes you just have to choose one piece that would tell a story about you in a way that words could not explain.