Travel Book Shamliza – The Road often Traveled

Traveling to the capital of Austria from which we have recently returned was one of those moments when we wondered whether our departure beyond the borders of Serbia worth it and whether a personal presentation of the skills and talent, we possess is necessary in the era of digitization in which we all live in. Regardless of the fact that the classic presentation has died down a long time ago, the presence of it at a sufficient dose is still desirable in our industry, although we have never been mainstreamed or shall we ever be.

People have been traveling since ancient times for various reasons, but mostly with the idea of ​​changing something and reaching the goal they set up and which inevitably represents the motivation, inspiration and excitement of each individual. The goal of the Shamliza team is to convince our clients that the effort we make every day in the development of our brands, as well as everything else we do, has exceptional significance and importance in stimulating and vibrant  domestic design is an important part, not only for new trends but for something everlasting in lifestyle and new material culture, to aesthetic thinking and the feeling of each of us.

Therefore, we are in the capital of Austria, where we have come up with full of ideas, energy and enthusiasm to bring our best “weapons” to include already recognizable chairs, lamps and other interesting pieces of furniture available in our showroom as well as on the web site, which they seen and rarely left anybody indifferent.

It is particularly satisfying to us that we have gathered some of our selected and valued brands and have arranged to equip tourist apartments in Vienna, an amazing city that, thanks to its famous architects, has become a real creative laboratory where today, among many world brands, prominent designers in furniture and interior design, Shamliza has found its place. Shamliza provided complete support in the design of the interior, while giving all of us the opportunity to look at an original and new concept and promotion of new products that will be presented and used in apartments and which will be indisputably noticed by the public. Photographs with a preview of the designed interior will be available after the New Year, but our, Serbian Orthodox NY.

Let’s go forwards and continue that way!