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Finale Vienna Apartments

Finale Vienna apartments.

As we announced earlier, since today in Vienna – the 9th Bezirk, officially active apartments that we have equipped and designed.

We paid attention to the details, we wanted everything to be perfect so that the investor, as well as every future guest, could have complete comfort with the design furniture from Shamliza showroom.

We are particularly proud that the investor selected our domestic brands with our help and thus included the SHAMLIZA Showroom in the Vienna Designer circles.

Apartments, among other things with a pre-announced are functional from April 8, 2019 and it is possible to rent them via Airbnb-a. The apartments are also ready for all potential furniture buyers, of course as a showroom the previous announcement for the tour of the apartments.

Furniture from the apartments will have a price list in terms of a brochure located in the apartments, so that each guest will be able to see and order the pieces of furniture and to perceive the quality, aspect, comfort, functionality and design of our brands.

The apartments are located at the 9th Bezirk, which is famous for being one of the luxurious quarters of Vienna. In the immediate vicinity there is the Danube Canal, which is suitable for walking / running, cycling or relaxing with numerous cafes located on the banks of the canal. As far as public transport is concerned, the location is very well connected with all parts of the city, as well as highways if you come by car. You can reach the very center of Vienna by walking distance of 25min or 15 minutes to the ‘Votiv Church’ is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vienna.

Nearby, there are many cafes, restaurants and night clubs, and as far as parking is concerned, the Park + Ride “Spitelau” is only 10 minutes away from the apartment and costs only 3.60 Euro per day.

The only thing left to do- is to come and see for yourself, the great city of Vienna. We are sure that you will enjoy your visit, starting from the city and also our designer suites. In one word, you will enjoy it every sense of the word.